About our Company

Barcode Savers Hong Kong is a storefront of Reitec LLC.  Reitec is a registered Limited Liability Company based in Japan. (Company Number: 180003021026).  We provide cost effective barcode solutions to businesses in Hong Kong and all around the world.  Our team has over 8 years experience in product identification and have issued over 1 million barcode numbers since our first storefront was launched in 2012.

Our company believes strongly in “continuous improvement” and is always striving to provide a better service to our customers.  During the uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis many businesses are shifting to online platforms to sell their products.  We are here to lower the entry cost of barcodes for small businesses in Hong Kong and help them enter this growing marketplace.  We aim to provide a viable alternative to direct GS1 membership and give expert advice on the process of barcoding your products.

We’re available through phone support and email.  Our EAN-13 and UPC-A service is fully automated meaning you can obtain barcode numbers and images with us 24-7.  We also have an extensive and up to date support section to help you better understand the barcode process.  Join over 10,000 businesses who have chosen Barcode Savers to help get their products into the global supply chain.