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Authentic Barcode Numbers
originating with the UCC (now GS1)
Instant Delivery of Barcode Packages
Ready for immediate use on your products
Hong Kong and global retailer compatible
For use on online platforms and brick & mortar stores
High Resolution Graphics Files included
Certificate of Issuance

Buy authentic Barcode Numbers
for Hong Kong and global use
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Our automated EAN-13 and UPC-A services
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Buy Barcodes Hong Kong

Do you require barcodes but want to avoid the high costs, annual licensing fees and confusion that comes with signing up to GS1 HK?  Look no further.  Barcode Savers HK is the best and most affordable choice in Hong Kong when it comes to buying EAN and UPC barcodes for your products.

Barcode Savers HK beats the competition on price, customer service and delivery of your barcodes. GS1 and other Hong Kong based companies leave you waiting with complicated application forms and painfully slow processing times. Barcode Savers HK instantly and securely delivers your barcodes the moment you finish our easy and secure checkout process.

Our prices start at $199.99 HKD per barcode and we offer great bulk prices on any amount you need. The more barcodes you buy the more you save! Our barcodes are 100% globally unique originating with the UCC (GS1).  We package both EAN & UPC formats with every purchase backed by a Certificate Of Authenticity & supplied in multiple digital image formats (EPS, JPG and TIFF) for optimum printing quality. To purchase barcode numbers proceed to our buy barcodes page.

Our dedicated staff are available 24-7 to help you with answers to your questions and customer support. Barcode Savers HK also offers barcode customisation and resizing orders on request.  Get in touch with our staff today to discuss your barcoding needs.

Avoid GS1 fees and overpriced re-sellers

Barcode Savers was born to help small business get their products into the supply chain with affordable globally unique barcodes.  GS1 Hong Kong’s annual fees can be a costly endeavor for small businesses trying to enter the market.  Other barcode re-sellers can end up being be just as expensive, especially if your business has many products or variants.  We are a cost effective alternative to direct GS1 membership, lowering the entry cost for product identification.  We aim to make it affordable and easy for small business owners to obtain barcodes for their products.  Our name means savings, but we don’t compromise on the quality of our barcodes or our standard of customer service.

Our friendly team is available to assist you with your questions and concerns. Barcode Savers HK also offer specialised bulk & image deals on request, along with other barcode formats such as ITF-14 Carton Codes. So get in touch with our staff to talk about your barcoding needs.

Part of the RGBN. 1 Million+ Barcodes sold globally

Barcode Savers HK is proudly part of the Reitec Global Barcode Network (RGBN). We’ve supplied more than a million barcodes to customers in over 30 countries. Some of our other RGBN sites are servicing India, Australia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Spain. See the full list of RGBN sites here.

Receive your barcodes instantly

Why wait? You’ll receive your barcode package instantly upon completion of checkout.

High Resolution Images

Each barcode order is packaged with high resolution JPEG, EPS and TIFF formats for your convenience.

Import to Excel/Numbers

Each order is supplied with a spreadsheet list of your barcode numbers for importing into Microsoft Excel or Numbers.